Voice Members

The Voice Committee membership represents each of the major units of the Administration and Finance division – Business Affairs, Auxiliary Services, ICT and Facilities & Services – with four representatives from each unit. The Committee consist of sixteen seats with voting privileges to include three non-managerial staff and one manager from each of the major units.

We hold elections in November for positions. All regular employees of A&F, except director and above, can run for a Voice Committee position. Members serve a two year term and are expected to commit one hour per week. In the event that committee duties require a longer time commitment, the committee member’s supervisor must approve the additional time allowed for committee duties to the Voice. Please, consider running in November if you have the time and desire!

Auxiliary Services

Yvonne Lopez, Co-Chair
Special Events



Business Affairs


Facilities and Services

Al Flores

Julian Perez
Information & Communications Technologies



Liaison Members

Vacant (Employee Council Committee Member)

2017 Members

  • Auxiliary Services – Kassie Ckodre, Kaili Howard, Yvonne Lopez, Jacob Nevarez
  • Business Affairs – Jose (Ray) De Rubin, Ben Glickler (Co-Chair), Janet Treon, Angie Ronquillo, Laurie Leyva
  • Facilities and Services – Paul Gonzales, Olga Holguin
  • ICT – Michelle Corella (Co-Chair)
  • Liaison Member: Administration and Finance- Kelly Woods

2016 Members

  • Auxiliary Services – Kassie Ckodre, Yvonne Lopez, Jacob Nevarez, Phillip Robles (Co-Chair)
  • Business Affairs – Jose (Ray) De Rubin, Ben Glickler, Janet Treon
  • Facilities and Services – Polly Wagner, David Schoep, Olga Holguin (Co-Chair)
  • ICT – Susanne Berger, Michelle Corella, Bruce A. Ernst, Josh Garcia
  • Liaison Member: Administration and Finance – Kelly Woods, Employee Council – Dave Schoep

2015 Members

  • Auxiliary Services – Candace Aragon, Ben Boone, Phillip Robles, T.Daniel Sears
  • Business Affairs – Leonard Banegas, Lorraine Cisneros, Jose (Ray) DeRubin, Crystal Luchini, Janet Treon
  • Facilities and Services – Esther Amezquita, Phillip Cordero, Roe Day, Olga Holguin (Co-Chair),
  • ICT – Selena Chavez, Michelle Corella, Bruce Ernst (Co-Chair), Michelle Stark

2014 Members:

  • Auxiliary Services – Candace Aragon, Ben Boone, Jennifer Montes, Debbie Paz
  • Business Affairs – Leonard Banegas, Lorraine Cisneros, Kathy Linville, Samantha Lish
  • Facilities and Services – Esther Amezquita, Phillip Cordero, Omar Moreno, Olga Holguin
  • ICT – Michelle Corella, Bruce Ernst (Chair), Araceli Hernandez, Michelle Stark


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