EXCITE Committee

EXCITE PinWe have launched the EXCITE Employee Recognition Program (as of May 23, 2016)! The EXCITE program is based on A&F value acronym (Engagement, eXcellence, Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Effectiveness). Please provide us your feedback and submit those nominations!

Current members:

Bruce Ernst

Phillip Robles

Ray De Rubin

Michelle Corella

We want to thank the subcommittee (past and present) who worked on this program – Previous Members: Bruce Ernst, Leonard Banegas, Esther Amezquita, Ray De Rubin, Selena Chaves, Philip Cordero, Olga Holguin, Lorraine Cisneros, Araceli Hernandez, Ben Boone, Kathy Linville, Jennifer Montes, Debbie Paz, and Omar Moreno. Without your generous time, dedication and sacrifice, this program would not be where it is today. Thank you!

For more information or to submit a nomination visit our Excite Program by clicking the tab above or click here.


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