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Employee Council 
Employee Council meetings are a great way to keep up with news and information relevant to NMSU employees, and everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.  If you don’t have time to attend, you can always participate via Webcast, or can view recordings of past meetings.  Just go to and check it out!

Aggie Insider

Another great way to keep up with NMSU events is to visit the Aggie Insider FaceBook page, maintained by Auxiliary Services.  This page has a current listing of a number of events taking place on campus, so it’s definitely worth visiting from time to time.  Just go to

EXCITE Employee Award 2016

In 2016, the A&F Employee Recognition and Rewards EXCITE Program (Engagement, Excellence, Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Effectiveness) was launched within the Division of Administration and Finance. The award is made possible by the generous contributions of past and present Administration and Finance employees. Employees are nominated year-round and the AF Voice committee chooses a recipient that represents Administration and Finance’s goal of delivering consistently good service to our various customers and helping achieve excellence in the workplace.

The EXCITE award recipient joined Administration and Finance in February 1994. Chel-Marie Barela is the Manager of ID Card Services and she contributes to student success by providing support “behind the scenes.” The results of Chel’s work are broad and support many areas at NMSU including faculty, staff, dining services, housing, student government, and summer conference guests. ID Card Services in one way or another has an impact on each of us as well as every student at main campus, DACC and faculty and staff members, every temporary employee and many affiliates. That is quite an impact on NMSU! Chel works tirelessly to make sure Aggie Welcome and Orientation, and DACC student orientation participants receive their Aggie ID cards. She is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and ALWAYS goes the extra mile. Chel is a hardworking, focused and a responsible manager. Congratulations to the first recipient of the EXCITE award!

2016 Asprey Award Winners

This award is funded by a generous donation from the late Jo and Bob Asprey. This award is given quarterly in recognition of ICT employees who have displayed outstanding service. Bob Asprey was an employee of ICT during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

1st Quarter:  Matt Henderson – When Matt Henderson was hired, we were preparing for Mike Thompson’s retirement.  Mike was responsible for our student web server and our personal (Student, Faculty & Staff) wordpress server.  The first few months that Matt was on board he spent learning Mike’s methods and soaking in the reasons and philosophies of service to our students.  Once Matt took the reins he started experimenting with ways of improving and simplifying the system.  We discovered that Matt had a calling for this angle of Systems Administration.  He became our liaison to ICT’s PDS group and the liaison to University Communications – regularly engaging with them about and our departmental WordPress mechanism, envisioned and built by Ian Logan.  Most recently, Matt Henderson picked up a deceptively difficult task.  To move all of the websites off of our old server (AKA  This is a project that had been in the works for easily 6 years.  Matt worked with many, many, people to guarantee his success.  He built new websites on alternate servers, he convinced some groups to move their own content elsewhere, he faced excuses, and he forged directly into the middle of some pretty interesting “territory” battles.  I witnessed a lot of these events first hand, and most people would have given up.  It’s that kind of “can do” attitude that I really respect.  I very much appreciate that Matt took the bigger task to heart and used every one of his considerable talents to accomplish the goal.  Congratulations Matt!

2nd Quarter:  Fred Montoya – Fred took over a difficult position when WynnDee Wooten retired and has made great strides in collecting, organizing, and streamlining our property records system, our inventory system, PC purchase system, and integrating it with the new improved Pinnacle System. Impressive understanding of the bigger picture & integration.  Fred is a great guy to work with, helps us all accomplish our jobs better. Team ICT, plays well with others, takes on jobs (food functions) & brings a great attitude and desire to get it done correctly. Love working with Fred.  Fred has greatly streamlined the PC purchasing process he inherited; he maintains a great relationship with his partners (those of us at Technology support), his customers, and the vendors he deals with. In addition, his inventory process has helped us keep track of NMSU assets and makes the annual inventory scan an easy process. His hard work helps all of us daily.  Fred is an absolute pleasure to work with. No matter what the request, his attitude of “I can do that” comes out of his mouth every time. I don’t necessarily see him on a daily basis, but the times that I have had to request information from him, he is right “on it” and works hard to get back to me in a timely manner . He is always about streamlining processes to make our jobs easier, more efficient, and overall good for the entire organization. Dianna may be his immediate supervisor, but technically he works for all of us at ICT…..and that “could” be a difficult task, but Fred welcomes the challenge each day. Please consider giving Fred Montoya an Asprey Award for 2016.  Congratulations Fred!

3rd Quarter:  Josh GarciaJosh was very instrumental in the campus wide VoIP phone implementation.  The legacy network equipment in most of the equipment closets throughout the campus could not support the VoIP initiative.  He works tirelessly weekends, evenings, mornings around the 8am to 5pm productions hours designing, configuring, installing Cisco network equipment in almost every distribution closet on campus, and still performs his normal duties during the week.  Josh also works closely with  telecom with the troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining PoLRE and Adtran networks as well as the end to end phone connectivity. He has great customer skills, always patient and always willing to help if the issue regardless if it is within his expertise on not.  Congratulations Josh!

4th Quarter:  Russell Brown –  Russell has a “can do” attitude and is always available to provide a helping hand.  He has been involved in multiple projects and has been an essential asset not only to ICT but to the entire NMSU community. Russell is always looking for efficiencies keeping sustainability in mind.  He works with many clients throughout the University and has developed a good rapport with everyone he deals with.  Most recently, Russell was involved in a complex project for affiliated students.  The objective was to provide an efficient mechanism to provide services to affiliated students.  This project focused primarily on Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) students and Center for English Learning Programs (CELP) students. In the past, providing services to affiliated students was a manual process.  The person in charge had to request an account be created for the students, go to a separate person to create an email, go to Auxiliary Services to create an ID and to add housing and meal services and other services needed.  Russell automated this process by creating affiliated tables, loading these students in Banner to create Banner General person ID’s, then loading this data to Blackboard to provide services such as housing and meal plans. These students were also loaded into Everbridge, our Emergency notification system.  To get this accomplished, Russell had to coordinate data loads/testing with BCOM to ensure data format was compatible for loading.  Admissions was involved in dealing with the suspended records.  Russell had to work with Auxiliary Services to ensure services were activated and inactivated at appropriate times per begin and end dates. He also had to work with PDS to load data into Everbridge for emergency notification.  In addition, roles had to be added in Banner so that students could create their own accounts.  For CELP students, an email would be created but for BCOM students account creation would occur but no email would be created. In addition, coordination had to be made with UAR for billing purposes. This was a complex process and Russell did an outstanding job in streamlining the process to improve efficiencies.  I would also like to mention that one of his peers nominated Russell for an Asprey Award in the past, as he is always willing to take on something new and to assist team members with any task. He has created conditions in Automic which divert certain expected aborts out of the backlog so that they will not hold up any jobs which need to follow. This prevents the need for UCC to clear the abort as well and is a serious time saver. In addition, Russell has been a leader in the File Upload Utility transformation. He has created around 18 profiles used to transfer/upload files directly to their proper directory by-passing uno_gw. Setting up these profiles saves the user a great deal of time and removes two transfers (one to uno-gw and then the transfer from uno-gw into the data directory from which the process reads the data file.) Russell is very customer oriented and focuses on continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. I would strongly recommend Russell for an Asprey award.  His strong desire to go beyond his role of duty allows us to provide a more stable and sustainable ERP environment.  Congratulations Russell!

The EXCITE Program is in full swing! Do you know a fellow A&F coworker who goes “above and beyond” in fulfilling their daily job responsibilities?  Please take a moment and recognize them by filling out and submitting an EXCITE nomination form.  It’s easy!  Just go to EXCITE Program and complete and send the form online.  All EXCITE awardees receive a custom EXCITE button and certificate, and may be entered into the pool of candidates considered for the annual James McDonough award, which includes a cash award of $250.00!  Check out the Program!

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