A&F Voice

In 2013, A&F Voice was formed by the A&F Leadership team with the objectives of the Vision 20/20 plan in mind. We are an Employee committee tasked with improving communication between staff and senior management, increasing employee morale and establishing an employee recognition program, among other things. There are some tasks, such as improving communication, where we are still examining the core issues. We have completed other tasks, such as our Charter and our website and we welcome your comments. All of these tasks fall under the A&F Strategic Plan Objective which is to improve the A&F division employee experience.

Since Voice has been formed, we have completed several initiatives:

  • The Voice Charter has been completed. You can view the Charter here.
  • The EXCITE Employee recognition program has been completed by the Voice and is currently getting routed for approval. The EXCITE program is based on A&F value acronym (Engagement, excellence, Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Effectiveness). For more information, visit our EXCITE page.
  • Hosted the July 2014 A&F Semi-Annual Meeting, which we used to introduce ourselves.
  • Hosted the November 2015 Harvest of Thanks A&F Semi-Annual Meeting.
  • An employee’s website has been implemented. We are adding new content as we move forward with our projects. You’ll find information about the Charter, committee, upcoming A&F events as well as links to resources. Check out the Favorite Links tab for employees.
  • At the Spring Administration and Finance Semi-Annual Meeting (May 23rd and 24th), the Voice launched the EXCITE program which is the rewards and recognition program for all of Administration and Finance employees (excluding students).

While developing the recognition program we asked for feedback on how you would like to be recognized and what kind of rewards you would like. You can see the results of your feedback here. Also, we asked for feedback during the July 2014 A&F Semi-Annual Meeting. We have compiled those results and they are located here.

Future projects include looking for ways to improve communication between staff and senior management and determining what Voice can do to be an advocate for A&F employees.

Because Voice members juggle the responsibility of Voice in addition to their regular job duties, we ask for your patience and support as we work on our projects. And, if you would like to help, we accept volunteers and elect new members at the end of the year. We also have sub-committees that our members work on and you are welcomed to help:

We plan to use our website to help keep you informed of A&F activities, so visit this site to stay up to date.

We were formed to ensure that YOUR ideas and concerns are brought forward to the A&F leadership, so let us know what’s on your mind! You can contact us via email at afvoice@nmsu.edu, or you can contact one of the members of Voice by getting their contact information from the Voice Committee member’s page. We are YOUR VOICE!


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