EXCITE Program

The Administration & Finance (A&F) Voice Committee was tasked to develop, implement, and oversee an effective recognition-and-reward program for the A&F Department of NMSU. The design of this program is the biggest initiative taken on by the Voice.

The Voice has named the program EXCITE, which is an acronym for:

  • E-Engagement
  • X-Excellence
  • C-CommunicationEXCITE Pin X underlined
  • I-Integrity
  • T-Teamwork
  • E-Effectiveness

EXCITE allows managers, coworkers, and peers to recognize for going above and beyond in:

  • the performance of the employee’s responsibilities;
  • meeting the mission of the employee’s department;
  • meeting NMSU’s goals and values.

EXCITECertThe Voice designed EXCITE to:

  • Reinforce desired behaviors
  • Motivate high performance
  • Create a culture of pride and recognition
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Assist in meeting Voice objectives and departmental missions

To design the program, the Voice:

  • Used materials provided by James Cole of CommTech Transformations, who consulted on the program
  • Reviewed the output from NMSU’s Strategic Planning
  • Researched other programs, especially those at other universities, including material on the design process as well as the program structure
  • Sought feedback from employees on which features they would like to see in the program

Because the employees’ feedback identified verbal recognition as the second-highest reward desired, we designed a program that recognizes many employees, but still offers a cash reward for some employees.

Who is Eligible?

Any staff member in A&F is eligible for recognition, with the exception of student employees. There are no restrictions based on time of employment or employment status. The selection committee (Voice) is also eligible for rewards.

What is the Criteria?

Recognition is made based on an employee going above and beyond and demonstrating exceptional performance within the criteria of EXCITE:

  • Engagement: Demonstrating excellence in on-the-job initiative contributing to the effectiveness of the unit, making the extra effort to complete a task or project, demonstrating a commitment to customer service, taking initiative, continuously learning
  • Excellence: Sustaining a high level of productivity or quality, being innovative, improving safety
  • Communication: Effectively speaking, listening, writing, and reading resulting in a positive change
  • Integrity: Honesty, trustworthiness, taking pride in your work
  • Teamwork: Demonstrating flexibility, demonstrating leadership, having a positive attitude
  • Effectiveness: Developing or improving processes or practices, solving problems, improving processes or practices, effectively managing time, being organized

How to Nominate

Nominations will be accepted year-round through the online nomination form on this website; click here to nominate. In order to be considered for award, the nomination must include the following information:

  • The contact information of the person who is filling out the nomination (the nominator)
  • The name and unit of the employee who is being considered for the award (the nominee)
  • The Award Criteria (listed above) in which the nominee demonstrated exceptional performance
  • Detailed information regarding the specific task/activity/project which will help determine whether the nominee is eligible for an award


  • Cash Award: If awarded, recipient will receive a plaque and $250 cash award.
  • Non-Cash Award: First time recipients will be awarded with a certificate and EXCITE Pin. Non-first time recipients will be awarded the certificate only.

To learn more about EXCITE or to nominate an A&F staff member, follow the links in the right of the page.

Also, check out who has already won the award!


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