Below is a reference for each of the labeled arrows above:

    • Nominate: To recognize a fellow employee for their performance, the nominator completes the reward and recognition form on this website. The information on the form is forwarded to The Voice.
    • Confirm: The nominator receives a confirmation of the nomination by email.
    • Review, Discuss: The Voice members from the nominee’s department (because these members are more likely to understand the nominee’s job) review the nomination to ensure that the criteria are met. Other Voice members may comment on the nomination.  Voice members from the awardee’s unit may ask the nominator for additional information that can be used to compare the nominee’s accomplishment with those of other nominees.
    • Notify: The Voice may ask the nominator for more information and will notify the nominator of the status of the nomination.
    • Recognize: If the nominations is accepted the nominee receives a pin (first-time only) and certificate. In addition to the recognition given by the Voice, the employee should be recognized by someone in his/her chain of command; however, the Voice has left these logistics to the different units. We highly recommend that the units publically recognize those employees that wish to be recognized. For example, the employee can be recognized at staff or status meetings. We also recommend that the recognition be included in the employee’s annual review.
    • Reward: At the semi-annual meetings, one of the nominees may receive a plaque and $250 cash award funded by The James L. McDonough Employee Recognition Endowed Fund established at the University Foundation. One cash award will be given each fall and spring semester. These awards are based on the accomplishments of the nominee.



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