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The Voice is highlighting departments within Administration and Finance (AF). We have a variety of departments, with extraordinary employees, who provide many services that enable us to do our jobs. We want to feature some of those departments!

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Mail Services

Four Staff Members

Why Would You Contact Our Department?

Mail delivery and pick up.

Who Is Our Customer?

All departments at DACC mail room and NMSU.

What Would Happen Without Us?

The university would not get their mail picked up or delivered.

Fun Facts

Working at Mail services puts you in touch with all departments at NMSU and you get to know many people within the campus community. There are a lot of very nice, caring people around campus and we feel very fortunate to be working here at NMSU.

Contact Info/Website:


Property Accounting

Five (5) of the finest employees at NMSU!

Why Would You Contact Our Department?barcode

  • Questions regarding construction projects
  • Purchase equipment / Tagging issues
  • Transfer property (Inventory Control Report – ICR)
  • Dispose of federal, state or privately owned property

Who Is Our Customer?

  • Facilities & Services, Office of Real Estate
  • All Departments who purchase equipment, have R&R indices
  • Cost Accounting/Internal Service Center for depreciation calculations
  • State of NM, DFA ,and HED

What Would Happen Without Us?

  • Items wouldn’t get tagged
  • Financial Statements/Audits would be incomplete

Fun Facts

  • NMSU has over $1.04 billion in gross assets and over 37K tagged items
  • Employees and the public can actively participate in determining how much money we receive from the state by voting on General Obligation bonds – a source of funding for new buildings/infrastructure/equipment etc.

Contact Info/Website:


Space Planning

Team of 4 staff and 2 students

Why Would You Contact Our Department?

Facilities Space Planning (FSP) is responsible for the University’s building and space use inventory. FSP provides the NMSU community with information that is used for space utilization, planning, and reporting.  FSP is the primary point of contact for the university building list, floor plans, space calculations and classifications, and space requests.

Who Is Our Customer?

People who need space requests, project support, space surveys, calculations, reporting, documentation

What Would Happen Without Us?

Space is one of the university’s largest and most valuable physical assets. Without Facilities Space Planning, the NMSU community would be without:

Space management (tracking and monitoring changes in space, function and occupancy)

  • Space surveys to gather facility and organizational data (used for federal and state reporting requirements)
  • Up-to-date, accurate and consistent space data and space drawings
  • Project construction and renovation support
  • Building room numbering to include barcoding
  • Maintenance and archiving of space plans, construction documents, etc.
  • Space utilization reports
  • Drafting support
  • Accurate campus maps that include roads, buildings, parking lots, grounds, utilities, etc.

Space management also does the Campus maps, thematic maps, evacuation floor plans, and classroom inventory and reporting.

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Information & Communication Technologies-System Group

The ICT Systems Group is managed by Curtis Ewing. In addition to Curtis, Systems is currently comprised of eight full-time staff.  Two of these folks are dedicated to the enterprise storage system (fiber-attached SAN), three are focused on UNIX-based servers, and three work, primarily, on Windows-based servers.  In its entirety, this group manages nearly 500 servers, including two supercomputers (Joker and Two-Face) used by the NMSU research community.  Joker’s computing power is equivalent to 2,333 iPhone 6 phones!  We manage servers that provide a variety of applications and services, such as Exchange, WordPress, Banner, Cognos, Sharepoint, and Tivoli, just to name a few.  We also do contract work for several departments including KRWG, Auxiliary Admin, and Advancement.  Below are some interesting statistics to give you an idea of what we do and are responsible for . . .

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Our SAN has a little over a petabyte of storage capacity! How big is a petabyte, do you ask?  Well, it is equivalent to 20 million four-drawer file cabinets filled with text, or 50 Libraries of Congress!  In a word, it’s BIG!  The majority of our servers utilize the SAN for storage. Of the servers we manage, roughly 2/3 of them are virtual servers, with the other 1/3 being physical machines.  Utilizing virtualization enables us to quickly and easily add more memory and storage to a server, if necessary, and we also can move it from one physical host to another, in the event of a power failure, so that downtime is minimized.  We utilize two datacenters:  one in the Computer Center and one in Milton Hall.  In the event that one datacenter is lost, we can quickly resurrect the vast majority of our critical services at the other datacenter, incurring minimal downtime and/or data loss.

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We also manage the main NMSU Active Directory infrastructure, which contains over 100,000 objects. Active Directory is an application that allows us to organize “objects”, such as workstations, servers, printers and the users of these devices.  When properly configured, we can assist departments with managing their computer resources.  Got a new printer that needs to be set up on 25 workstations?  In Active Directory, we can do it in minutes!  This is just one example of the many tasks that are possible, using this tool.
The Systems group administers the enterprise SPAM and virus-filtering mechanisms for the campus email (which consists of over 90,000 mailboxes). The image, above, shows the amount of incoming email to the campus from September 1-27, 2016.  As you can see, nearly 400 million incoming messages were attempted, and only 16 million of those messages were allowed in to the campus.  The remainder were rejected for a variety of reasons.  On average, we receive over 18 million emails per day, and over 90 percent of those emails are rejected, thanks to constant monitoring for threats.

Systems is responsible for the Tivoli enterprise backup system, which provides backup and restore services, mostly for computer servers. On average, about 48 million files are backed up each month, all across campus!

We also are responsible for web hosting services, both for students (about 11,000 student websites) and departments and other campus-related groups (over 1000 websites).

Want to learn more about what we do and what services we offer? Please go to http://systems.nmsu.edu and check us out!

Financial System Administration (FSA)

Team of 13 staff and 6 students

Why Would You Contact Our Department?

Records Management and Retention Servicesfsa-group-pic-2

  • Questions on Records Management and Retention (RMR), records retention schedules and research, disposition of university records, and use of Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS).

Technical Support Services

  • To fix problems with your PC and related hardware/software. Over 500 computers, 19 servers and 2 VMware host.
  • File and print server issues and application server issues.
  • Networking and Internet connection issues.
  • Security and Information Management support.
  • Provide PCI compliance and support to UAR cashiering.

Solutions Management

  • We provide computing environment hardware and software solutions.
  • For conducting business process analysis, process improvements, project management (including implementing new systems), modification to departmental websites or fillable forms, research and develop solutions through the use of technology and applications.
  • For assistance with systems/applications which AF (including FS) use – Banner, Cashnet, AiM, Property Inventory, Business Works and Tax Navigator.

Who Is Our Customer?

  • Administration and Finance (including Facilities and Services);
  • Enterprise wide for RMR, Solutions Management, and Property Inventory system support.

What Would Happen Without Us?

  • The following departments would have the potential for delays in operations; Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Sponsored Projects Accounting, PCI compliance, Facility Services operations delays.
  • Delay in getting work done due to PC, network, server or application down time.
  • Users would not have support on systems.
  • University would be out of compliance in terms of records management.

Contact Info/Website:

Special Events

Team of 300+: 10 full-time employees, 8 student supervisors and over 275 student employees

Aggies vs. Lobos

Aggies vs. Lobos

 Why Would You Contact Our Department?

  • Special Events staffs and supervises more than 300 NMSU students for concerts, special events and NCAA athletic events.
  • Approximately 150 events take place annually at the Pan American Center, Aggie Memorial Stadium, Presley Askew Field and other venues.
  • Our Ticket Office also serves as a ticket outlet for all Ticketmaster events locally as well as in El Paso and New Mexico.

Who Is Our Customer?

  • The NMSU community
  • NCAA athletic teams
  • The community, a fan base from New Mexico, Texas and beyond
  • Performers and others that come to our venues

What Would Happen Without US?

  • Without our department, there would be no staff at the athletic or special events to provide guests with an outstanding entertainment experience.
  • Without the Pan American Center, the Aggie Stadium and all of our venues, entertainment, sports and special events would be limited.

Fun Facts

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

  • The Pan American Center opened in 1968.
  • The former NMSU Vice President Paul Rader suggested our venue’s name for its location just off the Pan American Highway, more commonly known today as Interstate 25.
  • The first director of the Pan American Center, Barbara Hubbard, still brings shows to the venue today. She is famous in the entertainment industry for paving the way for both women and performers.

Contact Info/Website:

 Information & Communication Technologies-Network Operation Center


The Network Operation Center (NOC) is a group within Information Communication and Technology (ICT) that centers on keeping data traffic flowing through the network; this group is comprised of four engineers and three students. This flow includes computers trying to access server files or printers, helping users register network devices, maintaining network equipment and much more. Once this flow is disrupted, it’s our job to ensure that the connection gets restored.

On campus, each building is broken down into it’s own segment (each segment is given a unique number) and given one network connection coming from us (in very rare occasions, two network connections are given). A building will have one networking switch that accepts the connection we give it, and from there it splits off to different parts of the building to feed the clients (students/employees/staff). The clients can accept the connection by connecting (physically) to designated wall-jacks. Some buildings may also offer wireless connectivity to get out to the network as well.


Connecting to the NMSU network is pretty straight-forward, but there are some cases that require a little bit of help on our side. Some devices need to be accessed from home, so they are given specific addresses that facilitate this. Other devices require that they can only communicate within their own segment and that nobody from the outside world can touch them; this is especially relevant to printers. We receive a good handful of these types of requests and change them according to what they need.

A big part of our job is also to ensure the stability of the current machines that the data flows through. A building will generally have one network switch that accepts the connection and then diverts that connection to other switches all around the building. We are in charge of maintaining the programming, software, and maintenance of those devices to ensure that they are working properly and will process traffic the way it’s supposed to; we also ensure that the programming is set to stop frequent problems that may occur on the network.


In our department we have seen many weird occurances that seem to defy logic. We playfully knock on wood to ensure good luck with any operation and even have a wooden board that says, “kNOCk on wood”.

If you ever want to see us, we are located in the Computer Center building and can be reached at 646.6007 or our website at ict.nmsu.edu.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability OoS has 11 sustainability initiatives at NMSU which are led by the manager of the OoS, joni newcomer, ND, LEED AP.  Two important initiatives are energy reduction and waste reduction – both of which save money for NMSU but also lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Check out their website!

ICT-2016-06-24 11.37.50You can contact OoS to have a tour of the Environmental Education Center or book it for one of your meetings. Everyone on campus as well as the local community can stop by and visit. The Environmental Education Center was designed as a green office – meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards where possible.

What would be the impact without your department on Campus? There would be no place to learn about the importance of taking care of the planet to lower the effects of

Sustainability Map

Explore the Sustainability Resource Map! (Click Map)

climate change; we would still be leaving lights, monitors and equipment turned on raising our utility bills and raising our GHG emissions; and there would be no place to learn about the importance of being a Green Aggie!

Some Department Highlights/Fun Information:

  • joni newcomer was co-advisor for OASIS student organization and helped plan Earth Day Fair 2015 and 2016
  • The first annual Discover Sustainability Symposium was held in 2016
  • The STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Reporting System) report in 2012 received a GOLD star for our sustainability accomplishments at NMSU
  • The Ameresco “Conservation and Modernization” project was completed in 2015
  • Check out the hydration stations around campus!

Contact joni newcomer for additional information on sustainability on campus.


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